Abuse and Spam: Is hardbuzzspice.com legit?

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  • http://bestbuyings.com/dental-after-i-get-my-4-premolars-removed-do-i-have-to-wait-for-braces-1500339.html
  • Ok so I already got my spacers last week And I need to get 4 teeth pulled Do I need to wait a while after my teeth extractions to get braces?
  • http://bestbuyings.com/calendar-and-contacts-how-to-prevent-email-addresses-from-showing-up-in-compose-screen-831002.html
  • I don't want email addresses I enter in the "to" box to be logged or storedI don't want this information stored in the yahoo systemThe names and email addresses do not show in a contacts list but
  • http://bestbuyings.com/genealogy-how-and-where-near-boulder-can-i-get-my-dna-tested-for-an-ancestry-to-neanderthals-or-other-early-hominins-1066113.html
  • How to I go about doing thisI am a student at CU-BoulderThanks?

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    I just wanted to know know if they actually sent sent you the herbal incense incense or just take your your money